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Episode # 1 – Comic Book Firsts

Posted on 24 February 2009 by admin

In this exciting episode the Warriors discuss what got them into comics.

Seans L. only bought G.I. Joe to make his mom happy. I wonder is she is still happy.
GI JOE #62

Mr. Black stared at the cover of Uncanny X-men #225 until he fell in love with comics completely.
Uncanny X-Men #225

Jonas decided to give Ghost Rider a try after admitting to himself that he didn’t know words mean. It didn’t hurt that the cover glows in the dark.
Ghost Rider #15

Bryton only bought comics to further his G.I. Joe collection.

John gave X-men a try and fit in with the other counselors at Scout Camp.
Uncanny X-men – Inferno

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Wednesday Warriors Interview by Gavin’s Underground

Posted on 24 February 2009 by admin

Wednesday Warriors Publicity Photo

The Wednesday Warriors were recently interviewed by Salt Lake’s City Weekly to talk about making it to their 100th episode and talk about the current state of podcasting.

Interview posted 2011-06-12 by Gavin Sheehan

Utah has its fair share of geek-related shows and podcasts, almost to the point where we should consider ourselves a leading authority on the format. Panel shows made up of experts, some with experience in one of many entertainment industries to some extent, others made up of diehard fans with extensive memories and connections, and the rest a mix of the two — all designed to update you on the ever-growing culture and every facet of geek-related enjoyment that comes down the pipe. One of those shows is about to hit a very special milestone this week.

“Wednesday Warriors” started up just a couple years ago as a project assignment for a college course, bringing four friends together to discuss comics over six episodes for a recorded podcast. Since that time it’s grown into a one of the most popular podcasts in Utah, keeping people up-to-date on the latest storylines and developments from every company and title available, while also educating “comic virgins” on the fictional and real world histories behind it all. I got a chance to chat with the panel about the show’s secret origins, the evolution of the show, the 100th episode (coming out this week), and their thoughts on podcasting and the comic-book industry.

Gavin: Hey, guys! First thing, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Bryton: Together, we’re a group of fellas that gather in a room once a week to talk about comic books. Oftentimes we even remember to record it and release it to the masses as a podcast. Individually, I’m a freelance video producer, currently working with The Leonardo in Salt Lake City.

Sean L: I am a web designer at and a freelance videographer.

Sean B: I work as 104.3 KSOP, and as an illustrator for SLUG Magazine, and I also do artwork for the Salt Lake City Film Festival.

Jonas: My name is Jonas, and yeah, I HAVE heard of Weezer.

Gavin: How did you each first take an interest in comics, and what were some of your favorite titles growing up?

Bryton: I think my story is similar to a lot of people my age. I was a kid, saw a G.I. Joe comic in a 7-11 and begged my dad to buy it for me. This was probably around 1987. I didn’t care about continuity or jumping-on-points or the “investment value” of the book, but I read that thing until it disintegrated in my hands. Nowadays, no matter how I feel about the modern comics industry, I can always come back to G.I. Joe and feel that same pull on my imagination as I did when I was a boy.

Sean L: I got started on G.I. Joe as well. When I first learned about G.I. Joe comics when I was in fourth grade I was hooked. I loved how combined with the cartoon, they gave all my G.I. Joe toys personalities and a history. After only buying G.I. Joe for a few years, I slowly started trying other titles and quickly became a comic fanatic with books like X-Men and Punisher. Of course, that soon moved to Vertigo comics and self-published books like Bone and Strangers In Paradise. I was such a fan that I even prepaid for all my comics for two years before I served an LDS mission so I wouldn’t miss an issue. Today, I have a room in my house solely devoted to storing all my boxes of comics.

Jonas: In my fifth grade class, we earned a “freebee” read-a-thon. My friend brought an entire backpack of comics. It was my first introduction to Ghost Rider (90’s Story Arch). He had issues1-14 and I just went bonkers over them. I remember buying issue #15 the next month, the one with the glow-in-the-dark flaming skull on the cover, and thinking I was the most amazing kid in the universe. I sort of have a weird fixation with that issue because it was what started it all for me. I’m pretty sure I have bought that thing like 20 times.

Sean B: I found out about comics as a kid, then Dungeons & Dragons, then girls, then punk rock, then bars, then comics again. Never forgot my roots. My first love was the Uncanny X-Men. Kitty Pryde till casket drops.

Gavin: How did all of you meet up and eventually become friends?

Sean L: I went to junior high with Sean Black. We would skip out on class all the time to go read comics. After high school, we would run into each other occasionally but it wasn’t until we started doing the podcast that we started hanging out again.

Bryton: I had known Sean L. for a while, and then I happened to bump into the other guys at San Diego Comic Con 2009 when I noticed we were all wearing Salt Lake Bees hats.

Jonas: I have known Sean Black since I was 12. I met Sean L. through him and as Bryton stated, we were both wearing Bees hats at SDCC ’09.

Sean B: Sean L. was the only other kid I knew that liked comics in junior high. Jonas is my BFF, and I must admit that the name “Bryton” does ring a bell.

Gavin: When did the idea come about to start up a podcast and what was it like planning out how it would work?

Sean L: I was taking an Authoring For Digital Devices class down at UVU. One of our assignments was we had to produce a six- episode podcast about anything we wanted. I wanted to do a comic book review podcast and decided to give Sean B. a call to help me out.

Jonas: I remember Sean B. calling me and asking me to do this. We did the first six episodes in one night, and guess what? It shows.

Sean L: We did all six episodes in one night because I had waited until the last minute and had to turn in the assignment the next day. But it was a lot of fun. A week later, I asked Sean B. if this was something everyone wanted to continue. Lucky for me everyone said yes because they had as much fun as I did.

Sean B: We are pretty spontaneous and try to make the show sound like a bunch of friends just hanging out and shooting the breeze, cause that’s pretty much what it is.

Gavin: How did you come up with the title “Wednesday Warriors”?

Sean L: We got ready to record our first episode and realized we still didn’t have a name yet. I think we spent a total of two minutes coming up with a name because we needed it right then. We decided on “Wednesday Warriors” because, as all comic fans know, new comic books come out on Wednesday. In fact, I can’t remember a Wednesday where I have not gone to my local comic store in the last 10 years. We added the Warriors part because we thought it was catchy and still tied us to Utah a bit because of a similarly named local musical.

Jonas: The comic-book medium is slowly fading away. Even ” the big two” are having issues with sales. We feel we all need to do our part and FIGHT FOR COMICS before they go away.

Sean B: We have big things planned for the name and the show in general in 2011. It is a golden time to be a Wednesday Warrior.

Check out the full interview at Gavin’s Underground Blog

Gavin's Underground Blog

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