Episode #10 – Invincible Spotlight

In this exciting episode the Warriors discuss the amazing superhero series Invincible. Mr. Black is out in London for this episode and we stick it to him by reviewing his favorite ongoing series. Books Reviewed: Power Up Graphic Novel (Image Comics) Written and drawn by Doug Tennapel Impaler #1 (Top … Continue reading

Episode #9 – Animated Comic Book Series

With word of The Goon coming to the big screen soon, the warriors decide to celebrate by talking about some of their more favorite comic book inspired series. They also discuss the rising price of comics and how they are affecting everyone already tight budgets. A New York Times article … Continue reading

Episode #8 – Random Comic Rants

We review our current collection of comics were buying and rant, rave and retch about everything in between. John’s Reads: Dead Irons Dynamite Comics new western slasher. With covers by Jae Lee and Drawn by Seinfeld’s own Jason Alexander (He’s not really George). Impaler Top cow comics terrifying twist on … Continue reading