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Episode #10 – Invincible Spotlight

Posted on 26 June 2009 by admin

In this exciting episode the Warriors discuss the amazing superhero series Invincible. Mr. Black is out in London for this episode and we stick it to him by reviewing his favorite ongoing series.

Books Reviewed:

Power Up Graphic Novel (Image Comics)

Written and drawn by Doug Tennapel

Impaler #1 (Top Cow)

Written by William Harms; Art by Matt Timson
Invincible #63 (Image Comics)
Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Ryan Ottley

Have fun in London Mr. Black! Hope you’re happy we reviewed your favorite comic when you were gone sucker!

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Episode #9 – Animated Comic Book Series

Posted on 13 June 2009 by admin

With word of The Goon coming to the big screen soon, the warriors decide to celebrate by talking about some of their more favorite comic book inspired series.

They also discuss the rising price of comics and how they are affecting everyone already tight budgets. A New York Times article linked here talks about the rising cost of comics throughout the industry. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were to cover it up with maybe some hullabaloo about the rising cost of paper in china or something but they just come right out and say “were jacking you for everything!” Its getting tougher and tougher to be a geek these days.

We discuss the newest reincarnation of Batman Cartoon Network’s Batman Brave & the Bold a fun new campy series that Mr. Black wouldn’t stop jabbering about.

We also go over the Hellboy animated series of Sword of Storms and the perfectionist that is Mike Mignola.
We also talk about the Comic book wizard and weirdo that is Alan Moore. Genius or Visionary… Your wrong if you answer either because the answer is both.

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Episode #8 – Random Comic Rants

Posted on 04 June 2009 by admin

We review our current collection of comics were buying and rant, rave and retch about everything in between.
John’s Reads:
Dead Irons Dynamite Comics new western slasher. With covers by Jae Lee and Drawn by Seinfeld’s own Jason Alexander (He’s not really George).

Impaler Top cow comics terrifying twist on an old classic. Vlad the impaled nuclear holocaust the works!

The Goon KNIFE TO THE EYE! Eric Powell’s amazing zombie pie smashing badass.

Jonas’s Reads:
Girls A mystery woman who comes to a small town of Pennystown and raises more questions than a season full of Lost episodes.

Old Man Logan 50 years after the heroes have gone missing Wolvie shows back up and is a pacifist this time around? WTF? Don’t worry it gets amazing.

The Ultimates the 2002 TPB that dates itself so quickly by including more pop culture references that that one movie about transforming robots… I need to drink a pepsi for some reason.
Mr. Black’s reads:
Green Lantern Half the warriors think Hal Jordan is totally gay.

I am Legion set in 1942 the nazi’s, satan and the stuff of Sean’s real life nightmares. What a wussy.

New Avengers #51 Spider man makes a deal with the devil to hide his identity. But then tells the avengers his identity all over again… Parker… your a retard.

Sean L’s Reads:
Echo Terry Moore’s new series about a nuclear fallout encrusted living bomb.

RASL Jeff Smith of Bone fame’s new title published on a semi formal schedule because of his injured hand.

Cursed Pirate Girl an epic fairy tale of a cursed girl in search of her father. The only things she knows about her father is that she will find him on the Omerta Seas.

Download the episode now:

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