Another Look at an Original Mike Mignola Hellboy Drawing

All big Hellboy fans know how Mike Mignola’s first drawing of Hellboy came from the first Great Salt Lake Comic Con program in 1991.

Original mike mignola hellboyGreat Salt Lake Comic Con 1991 Program Guide

It resembles very little to how Hellboy appears now but still really cool. The big connection is the name Hellboy written on the belt buckle as well as his broken horns. It doesn’t even feature Hellboy’s trademark Right Hand of Doom. But still, this is the first seed that was planted in Mike Mignola’s mind that eventually led to become the most significant comic book character to come to comic books in the last twenty years. The program guide the drawing appeared in is extremely rare and only one copy has ever appeared on ebay that I know of. It has become the holy grail of collectables to Hellboy fans.

What few people have seen is a commission local comic store owner got from Mike at the same con.

Original Mike Mignola Hellboy 1991 commission

It featured the same Hellboy character that appeared in the program guide as well as someone named Dr. Volts. Dr. Volts was a character the comic book store owner created and named his store after. I was able to get a scan of it recently and thought Hellboy fans would get a kick out of seeing another rare 1991 Hellboy drawing.

Also of note is the look of Dr. Volts came from Jon J. Muth whose drawing of the character is still used as the store’s logo to this day.

Dr. Volts logo

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