Batman #3

Batman #3
Writer: Scott Snyder
Penciler: Greg Capullo
Inker: Jonathan Glapion
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99

One of the bigger enjoyments I have gotten out of DC’s New 52 is Batman. So far, we have a secret organization that bases itself off the owl and they are up to the dirty work of assassinating important people around Gotham City so naturally, they tried to take out Bruce Wayne. This issue follows up with Batman beating up subway thugs and diving deeper into the mystery of the Owl organization and trying to find their base of operations.

The one thing that’s driving me a bit crazy is that I’m not sure what the established continuity of Batman really is. Are we in a new universe or is this the previously established post-Crisis universe? The introduction of a secret society that has been in Gotham since the earliest days is something that if this was the old continuity, would be a tricky thing to work in. They seem like they have influenced Gotham this much and that Batman would have had a lot of run-ins with them over the years.  I guess I’m willing to look past that because it might be the fanatic in me needing all answers when truthfully it takes nothing away from the story, one way or another.  Scott Snyder writes Batman like a seasoned pro and I hope that he’s on the book for some time. It seems like all the books he is working on are good, such as American Vampire and another New 52 title, Swamp Thing. Also, this book actually takes some time to read. It’s not the kind of thing you pick up and are done within a few minutes. This book feels like things are being fleshed-out and not rushed. It makes the $2.99 you spend on it feel like it’s actually worth it.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Greg Capullo’s art since his days on Spawn. I think his pencils work very well in a Batman book but one problem I have with Capullo’s work is that sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish one person’s face from another’s. In this issue, Bruce Wayne and Lincoln look about the exact same in the face. But, that in itself is a small complaint. The action in the book looks great and the coloring sets the perfect mood.

There’s a lot of monthly Batman titles but this one feels like it’s ahead of the pack. Now is a great time for jumping on the title. With a solid creative team, it’s only up from here for Batman.

– Josh

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