Episode #286 – Almost Sentient


Episode #286 – Almost Sentient Fight For Comics is an all-encompassing comic books review podcast covering subjects including but not limited to robots, old men, airboys, thors, motorcycle-ghosts, sex-ghosts, teen presidents, and bastards. Download the episode now: E-mail us at we@fightforcomics.com!

Episode #284 – Secret Wars 2


Episode #284 – Secret Wars 2 Silence! A gas leak in Fight For Comics tower leads to uncontrollable giggling. A new sponsor is introduced, and one Wednesday Warrior is not so happy with the state of Marvel. Books Reviewed: 7:57 Harrow County #1 (Dark Horse Comics) Written by Cullen Bunn; Art … Continue reading

Episode #282 – Free Comic Book Day and Batman


Episode #282 – Free Comic Book Day and Batman Time once again for our annual report on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) shenanigans. This year 100% feces-free! We drop in on DC to see what that crazy Batman is up to and meet up with some old friends in Convergence. … Continue reading

Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge


Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge The Wednesday Warriors 10-year plan is finally complete: we’re going to steal your comics while you’re in the shower! A few comics are unenthusiastically discussed before a dip into the wayback machine to talk about a classic Daredevil storyline. Books Reviewed: 3:42 Uncle Scrooge #1 (IDW Publishing) … Continue reading

Episode #280 – Archie vs Predator


Episode #280 – Archie vs. Predator Three shocking deaths at Marvel, a shocking defecation at DC, and a shocking showdown in the Archieverse! Hold on to your hats! Books Reviewed: 8:14 All New Captain America #5 (Marvel Comics) Written by Rick Remender; Art by Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger; … Continue reading