Episode #299 – Demon in a Bottle Read Along

Episode #299 - Demon in a Bottle (Read A-Long)

Episode #299 – Demon in a Bottle Read Along

The long anticipated dramatic radio interpretation of Marvel’s Demon in a Bottle is finally here. Written by the amazing David Michelinie with art by superstar team John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton. Voiced with passion by all the Wednesday Warriors you know and love as well as friends and listeners of your favorite podcast. So dust off the dust jacket of your Demon in a Bottle hardcover or crack open your CGC’d copy of Iron man #128, as we invite you to join us as we explore one of the greatest Iron Man stories of all time.

Follow along digitally with issue #128 on Comixology.

Iron Man #28: Demon in a Bottle

Download the episode now:

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