Episode #12 – Major Crossover Events

The warriors talk about big event crossovers like Dark Reign and Blackest Night.  When are crossovers done right and what makes them bad? What are our favorites and ones we hate?

Books Reviewed:

Dark Wolverine #75 (Image Comics)

Written by Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu; Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Onofrio Catacchio

Northlander #17 (Vertigo)

Written by Brian Wood; Art by Vasilis Lolos

Destroyer #4 (Max)

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Art by: Cory Walker

100 Bullets (Vertigo)

Writer: Brian Azzarello / Art by: Eduardo Risso

Creepy Comics #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Stories by Neil Kleid, Joe Harris, Dan Braun, Mike Woods, Shawna Gore;

Art by Alex Toth, Angelo Torres, Bernie Wrightson, Jason Shawn Alexander, Saskia Gutenkunst, Hilary Barta

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