Episode #130 – Valentine’s Day Spectacular

Fight for Comics Valentine

Valentine’s Day is briefly discussed to make for our most Un-Valentine’s Day ever.

Books reviewed:

Danger Girl: Revolver #1 (IDW Publishing)
Written by Andy Hartnell; Art by Chris Madden

Fatale #2 (Image Comics)
Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Sean Phillips

Thief of Thieves #1 (Image Comics)
Written by Nick Spencer & Robert Kirkman; Art by Shawn Martinbrough

Madman 20th Anniversary Monster GN (Image Comics)
Written and drawn by Mike Allred, Peter Bagge, Kyle Baker, Philip Bond & Peter Milligan, Darwyn Cooke, Dave Cooper, Dean Haspiel, Los Bros Hernandez, Erik Larsen, David Mack, Pat McKeown, Bernie Mireault, Michael Avon Oeming, Paul Pope, Eric Powell, Frank Quitely, Steven T. Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen, Jeff Smith, Jay Stephens, Craig Thompson, Matt Wagner, Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks.

Conan the Barbarian #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
Written by Brian Wood; Art by Becky Cloonan

Secret Avengers #22 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Rick Remender; Art by Gabriel Hardman

Batwing #6 (DC Comics)
Written by Judd Winick; Art by Ben Oliver & Brian Reber

Severed #7 (Image Comics)
Written by Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft; Art by Attila Futaki

Trivia Contest: Ultimatum – Spider-Man: Requiem #1 & 2 signed by writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Ultimatum Requiem #1 Ultimatum Requiem #2

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