Episode #140 – Comic Book Ketchup

Fight for Comics Episode #140 - Comic Book Ketchup

It’s that time folks. Time for another astonishing edition of Comic Book Ketchup. Jonas talks about his near hit with fame in the form of an Oberto’s commercial directed by Jared Hess. Bryton reads-a-loud from Daredevil #26, which just so happens to have a special appearance by Madcap Mike Murdock. The Warriors also discuss the Marvel Infinite possibilities as well as company events and why Chris Roberson is so unhappy. A heaping pile of books is also reviewed for your listening pleasure.

Books reviewed include:

Secret #1 (Image Comics)

Written by Jonathan Hickman; Art by Ryan Bodenheim

Thief of Thieves #3 (Image Comics)

Written by Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer; Art by Shawn Martinbrough

Secret History of D.B. Cooper #1 (Oni Press)

Written and drawn by Brian Churilla

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by John Romita Jr. & Scott Hana

Avenging Spider-Man #6 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Mark Waid & Greg Rucka; Art by Marco Checchetto

Whispers #2  (Image Comics)

Written and drawn by Joshua Luna

Avengers #24.1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Brandon Peterson

Batman #8  (DC Comics)

Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion

Fight for Comics Trivia Give-Away:

Starborn #1-6 signed by Chris Roberson

Starborn #1 Starborn #2 Starborn #3 Starborn #4 Starborn #5 Starborn #6

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