Episode #153 – The Amazing Dark Spider-Knight Rises

Fight for Comics Episode #153 - The Amazing Dark Spider-Knight Rises

The Wednesday Warriors put the latest two superhero movies up together in the latest episode called The Amazing Dark Spider-Knight Rises. Batman vs. Spider-Man. Who will win the title for best summer movie? Listen and find out. Jonas shares his multiple encounters with violence this week while visiting the great city of Chicago.

Books reviewed include:

Planetoid #1 & 2 (Image Comics)

Written and drawn by Ken Garing

The Underwater Welder OGN (Top Sehlf Productions)

Written and drawn by Jeff Lemire

The Infernal Man Thing #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Steve Gerber; Art by Kevin Nolan

The Goon #40 (Dark Horse Comics)

Written and drawn by Eric Powell

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

The Dark Knight Rises Movie

Fight for Comics Trivia Give-Away:

The Amazing Spider-Man #657 & 658 signed by writer Dan Slott and Batman #1 (Third Printing) signed by writer Scott Snyer.

The Amazing Spider-Man #657The Amazing Spider-Man #658Batman #1

Download the episode now:

Episode #153 – The Amazing Dark Spider-Knight Rises

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