Episode #169 – Thanks for Nothingiving

Fight for Comics Episode #169 - Thanks for Nothingiving

The Wednesday Warriors share their thanks for nothing in the aftermath of Thanksgiving. Sean Leslie finds the miracles that Lush’s bath bombs possess. The Warriors also welcome the heroes of our community, cows, in comic book form that is sure to entertain. Amazing Spider-Man #698 knocks the Warriors over in shock and gives them a feeling of Freaky Friday déjà vu as they debate when the events actually took place. And if all that wasn’t enough, Bryton also gives an early review of Ed Bruaker’s new original graphic novel, Scene of the Crime, drawn by his Gotham Central artists, Michael Lark and Sean Phillips.

Books reviewed include:

Amazing Cow Heroes #8 (Chik-Fil-A)

Written by Brian Smith; Art by Mike Hawthorne

Walking Dead S3:E7 (CW)

Indestructible Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Mark Waid; Art By Leinel Yu

Amazing Spider-Man #698 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Dan Slott; Art by Richard Elson

Captain America #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Rick Remender; Art by John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson

Hawkeye #4 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Matt Fraction; Art by Javier Pulido

Clone #1 (Image Comics)

Written by David Schulner; Art by Juan Jose Ryp

Uncanny X-Force #34 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Rick Remender; Art by Phil Noto

Scene of the Crime HC (Image Comics)

Written by Eddie Brubaker; Art Michael Lark, Sean Phillips

Fight for Comics Trivia:
Baltimore: The Plague Ships hardcover signed by writer and cover artist Mike Mignola.

Baltimore: The Plague Ships

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Episode #169 – Thanks for Nothingiving

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