Episode #172 – Best of 2012 Part 2

Fight for Comics Episode #172 - Best of 2012 Part 1

The best comics of 2012 are named as the Wednesday Warriors give their picks in this exciting 2-part episode.

Wild Card
Sean B. – Wonder Woman
Jonas – Masters of the Universe Origin of Skeletor
Bryton – Thief of Thieves
Sean L. – Reed Gunther

Worst Single Issue
Jonas – Avengers vs. X-Men… all of them
Sean L. – Avengers vs. X-Men… all of them
Bryton – Catwoman #0
Sean B. – Talon #0

Biggest Disappointment
Bryton – Poor handling of the Robins in the New 52
Sean B. – DC’s New 52 Continuity
Sean L. – Avenger vs. X-Men
Jonas – Hellblazer canceled

Sean L. – Catwoman
Sean B. – Earth 2
Jonas – Walking Dead
Bryton – Swamp Thing/Animal Man

Best Comeback
Sean B. – Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler
Jonas – Prophet
Bryton – Matt Fraction
Sean L. – Mike Mignola returns to Hellboy

Best Indie
Jonas – Locke and Key
Bryton – Morning Glories
Sean L. – Secret History of D.B. Cooper
Sean B. – Planetoid

Best Mini-Series
Bryton – Dancer
Jonas – Dancer
Sean L. – Severed
Sean B. – Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom

Best Adaptation
Sean L. – Skeleton Crew’s Lock and Key keys
Sean B. – The Avengers
Bryton – The Avengers
Jonas – Chasing the Dead IDW

Best Storyline
Sean B. – “Stay Angry” Incredible Hulk
Jonas – Thief of Thieves #1-7
Bryton – “Forever” Fantastic Four
Sean L. – “Phantom Pains” Hellblazer

Best Short Story
Jonas – Batman: Lil’ Gotham
Bryton – Leonardo da Vinci bio from Thought Bubble
Sean L. – Mouse Guard: Tale of Baldwin the Brave
Sean B. – Starlight, Starbright from Action Comics #14

Best Graphic Novel
Bryton – Tale of Sand
Sean L. – Underwater Welder
Sean B. – Earth One: Batman
Jonas – The Coldest City

Best Single Issue
Sean L. – The Sixth Gun #21
Sean B. – Batman #13
Jonas – Wolverine and the X-Men #18
Bryton – Fantastic Four #604

Best Series
Sean B. – Daredevil
Jonas – Uncanny X-Force
Bryton- Daredevil
Sean L. – Saga

Most Looking Forward To
Sean B. – Man of Steel Movie
Bryton – Man of Steel Movie
Jonas – Man of Steel Movie
Sean L. – Locke and Key Conclusion

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Episode #172 – Best of 2012 Part 2

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