Episode #193 – So Long and Thanks for All the Rings

Geoff Johns Green Lantern Rings

The Wednesday Warriors bid farewell to Geoff Johns after over 100 issues of Green Lantern. Sean Black marks another accomplishment off of his bucket list. Bryton realizes his life is like an issue of Scott Pilgrim and Jonas explains why you should never eat flaming hot cheetos and drink pirate bay rum.

Books reviewed include:

08:59 - Half Past Danger #1 (IDW Publishing)

Written and drawn by Stephen Mooney

18:07 - Green Arrow #20 (DC Comics)

Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Andrea Sorrentino

23:58 - Daredevil #26 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Mark Waid; Art by Chris Samnee

35:31 - Green Lantern #20 (DC Comics)

Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Doug Mahnke

01:04:33 - Shame on You!

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Episode #193 – So Long and Thanks for All the Rings

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