Episode #20 – Comic Book Formats

Although we are missing dear Mr. Black for this episode, we somehow manage (despite some of our best/worst efforts) to still get out our weekly picks. We also discuss the Disney/Marvel buy out, the new upcoming Lobo movie, and our main discussion is on comic book formats. What sizes do you like? John is not an Omnibus man, but Sean loves them. Why aren’t there more manga-sized books? Do you prefer floppies or trades? Are hardcovers worth it for the extras? All these questions are discussed as John tries to convince everyone that size does not matter, it only matters how you read it  (no one is buying it John).

Books Reviewed:

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Written by Chuck Dixon; Art by Esteve Polls

Incognito #6 (Icon)

Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Sean Phillips

Air Vol. 1 TPB (Vertigo)

Written by G. Willow Wilson; Art by M. K. Perker

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