Episode #202 – Trek Out this Podcast

Fight for Comics Episode #202

Sean Black returns from his absence and tells of his adventures at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. The warriors get to the bottom of Pon Farr and learn the secret to its fragrance.

04:26 - Star Trek Convention Las Vegas

Books reviewed include:

21:48 - Star Trek #23 (IDW Publishing)

Written by Mike Johnson; Art by Erfan Fajar

29:41 - Sheltered #2 (Image Comics)

Written by Ed Brisson; art by John Christmas

39:11 - Trillium #1 (Vertigo)

Written and drawn by Jeff Lemire

47:51 - Iron or the War After (Archaia Entertainment)

Written and drawn by S.M. Vidaurri

56:21 - Batman Incorporated #13 (DC Comics)

Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Chris Burnham

1:08:39 - Sidekick #1 (Image Comics)

Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Art by Tom Mandrake

1:13:22 - Hunger #2 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov; Art by Leonard Kirk

1:18:20 - Shame on You!

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Episode #202 – Trek Out this Podcast

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