Episode #204 – We Warriors 3

Fight for Comics Episode #204 - We Warriors 3

Episode #204 – We Warriors 3

In Sean Black’s absence Jonas, Bryton, and Sean L. join forces to become the Warriors 3. They review this week’s helping of graphic novels including Joey Weiser’s Mermin and Jeffrey Brown’s A Matter of Life. They also look at the new webcomic Anti-Hero and finish the show trying to wrap their collective brain around Jonathan Hickman’s new Marvel event, Infinity.

Books reviewed include:

11:34 - Anti-Hero #2 (Monkeybrain Comics)

Written by Jay Faerber; Art by Nate Stockman

16:25 - Ghosted #1 & 2 (Image Comics)

Written by Joshua Williamson; art by Goran Sudzuka

23:20 - Mermin Book One: Out of Water (Oni Press)

Written and drawn by Joey Weiser

27:08 - A Matter of Life (Top Shelf Productions)

Written and drawn by Jeffrey Brown

35:55 - Chin Music #2 (Image Comics)

Written by Steve Niles; Art by Tony Harris

43:29 - All-New X-Men #15 (Image Comics)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by David La Fuente

48:39 - Infinity #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Jonathan Hickman; Art by Jim Cheung

56:38 - Shame on You!

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Episode #204 – We Warriors 3

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