Episode #249 – Finland

Episode #249 - TarMANtula

Episode #249 – Finland

Welcome to an all-new special Finnish edition of Fight for Comics, where we discuss our Nordic friends and try to get to the bottom of what language really has the most word. Is it English? Is it Finnish? Is it Southern Bastard?! Or is this all just a bunch of Dragon’s Dogma?

Books Reviewed:

(08:34) Harley Quinn invades Comic-Con (DC)

Written by Amanda Conner & jimmy Palmiotti; Art by Amanda Conner, Damion Scott, Dave Johnson, John Timms, Marco Failla, Paul Pope, Robert Campanella, Stephane Roux; Colors by Brett Smith, Dave McCraig, Lovern Kindzierski, Paul Mounts

(19:08) Original Sin #6 (Marvel)

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Mike Deodato Jr; Colors by Frank Martin

(28:10) Spread #1 (Image Comics)

Written by Justin Jordan; Art by Kyle Strahm; Colors by Felipe Sobreiro

(33:57) Sixth Gun #41 (Oni Press)

Written by Cullen Bunn; Art by Tyler Crook; Colors by Bill Crabtree

(43:35) Southern Bastards #2 & #3 (Image Comics)

Written Jason Aaron; Art by Jason LaTour

(50:33) Life With Archie #36 (Archie Comics)

Written by Paul Kupperberg; Art by Ted Kennedy & Jim Amash; Colors by Glenn Whitmore

(1:00:51) Squidder #1 (IDW Publishing)

Written, Drawn, and Colored by Ben Templesmith

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Episode #249 – FINLAND

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