Episode #258 – The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

Fight for Comics Episode 258 - The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

Episode #258 – The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

Brandon Dayton stops by Fight for Comics Tower to give us the latest Green Monk news and talks about a new way to fund comics through Patreon. Brandon also talks about working on the game Marvel Infinity 2.0 and a manga comic he is reading called Onepunch-Man.

Books Reviewed:

0:01:44 – Green Monk
Written and Drawn by Brandon Dayton

0:06:51 – Green Monk on Patreon

0:20:14 – Marvel Infinity 2.0

0:24:42 – More Green Monk

0:33:41 – Onepunch-Man
Written by One; Art by Murata Yuusuke

0:55:59 – Shame on You

Make sure to support Brandon Dayton and Green Monk on Patreon. All the details are found at http://www.patreon.com/brandondayton.

You can buy the first Green Monk graphic novel through Brandon at http://brandondayton.com/shop/

Download the episode now:

Episode #258 – The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

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