Episode #259 – Ramalamadingdong

Episode #259 - Ramalamadingdong

Episode #259 – Ramalamadingdong

Who put the bomp in the bomp bomp (*record scratch)… Sorry folks, it looks like another ridiculous episode of Fight for Comics. (*fog horn)

Books Reviewed:

0:04:00 – Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 (Image Comics)
Written by Chris Roberson; Art by Patrick Reynolds; Colors by Dave Stewart

0:10:44 – The Roche Limit #1 (Image Comics)
Written by: Michael Moreci; Art by Vic Malhotra

0:18:37 – The Storyteller: Witches #1 (Archaia Entertainment)
Written and Painted by S.M.Viduarri

0:24:03 – Elric: The Ruby Throne #1 (Titan)
Written by Julien Blondel; Art by Robin Recht, Didier Poli, Jean Bastide

0:29:45 – Daredevil #6-8 (Marvel)
Written by Mark Waid, Art by Chris Samnee; Colors by Matthew Wilson

0:38:37 – Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #1-3 (Titan)
Written by Nick Abadzis; Art by Elena Casagrande; Colors by Arianna Florean

0:42:10 – The Wild End #1 (Boom Studios!)
Written by Dan Abnett; Art and Colors by I.N.J. Culbard

0:47:08 – Thor: God of Thunder #25 (Marvel)
Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Esad Ribic, R.M. Guera, Simon Bisley; Colors by Giulia Brusco, Simon Bisley, Ive Svorcina

0:51:52 – Deadpool #34 (Marvel)
Written by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn; Art by Scott Koblish

0:56:00 – Captain America #24 (Marvel)
Written by Rick Remender; Art by Carlos Pacheco, Paul Renaud, Mariano Taibo; Colors by Dan White, Sonia Oback

1:02:48 – Shame on You

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Episode #259 – Ramalamadingdong

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