Episode #276 – Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck John Travolta Month

Episode #276 – Howard the Duck

This week the boys unwittingly open a portal to hell. Bogus!

Books Reviewed

Hellbreak #1
(Oni Press)
Written by Cullen Bunn; Art by Brian Churilla; Color Art by Dave Stewart

Sixth Gun: Dust to Dust #1
(Oni Press)
Written by Cullen Bunn; Art by Tyler Crook; Color Art by Bill Crabtree

Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1
(BOOM! Studios)
Written by Brian Lynch; Art by Jerry Gaylord and Penelope Gaylord; Color Art by Whitney Cougar

Southern Cross #1 (Image Comics)
Written by Becky Cloonan; Art by Andy Belanger; Color Art by Lee Loughridge

Howard the Duck #1 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Chip Zdarsky; Art by Joe Quinones; Color Art by Rico Renzi


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