Episode #286 – Almost Sentient

Almost Sentient

Episode #286 – Almost Sentient

Fight For Comics is an all-encompassing comic books review podcast covering subjects including but not limited to robots, old men, airboys, thors, motorcycle-ghosts, sex-ghosts, teen presidents, and bastards.

Books Reviewed:

Airboy (Image Comics)
Written by James Robinson; Art by Greg Hinkle

Thors (Marvel)
Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Chris Sprouse

Ghost Racers (Marvel)
Written by Felipe Smith; Art by Juan Gedeon

Alex + Ada (Image Comics)
Written by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn; Art by Jonathan Luna

Southern Bastards (Image Comics)
Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Jason Latour

The Empty Zone (Image Comics)
Written and Drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander

Old Man Logan (Marvel)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Prez (DC Comics)
Written by Mark Russell; Art by Ben Caldwell

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