Episode #51 – Iron Man as Well

Warriors are back on the town cruising for a bruising and they’re packing an awesome guest star, Vanessa Luna. She brings a couple of great picks to the table and we all get chatty about what we thought of Iron Man 2. Did it live up to the first one? Listen and find out.

Books Reviewed:

Tiny Titans #25 (DC Comics)
Written by Franco Aureliani, Art Baltazar, Geoff Johns; Art by Art Baltazar

Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)
Written by Jonathan Hickman; Art by Dale Eaglesham

Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
Written by Daniel Way; Art by Carlo Barberi, Juan Vlasco

Green Hornet (Dynamite Entertainment)
Written by Kevin Smith; Art by Jonathan Ang Lau

Air Vol. 1: Letters from Lost Countries TPB (Vertigo)
Written by G. Willow Wilson, Art by M.K. Perker

New Avengers Finale (Marvel Comics)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Olivier Coipel, Mike Deodato Jr, David Finch, Bryan Hitch, Stuart Immonen, Steve McNiven, Billy Tan, Leinil Francis Yu

Sword #24 (Image Comics)
Written and drawn by Jonathan and Joshua Luna

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story

Justice League: Generation Lost #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Keith Giffen, Judd Winick; Art by Keith Giffen, Aaron Lopresti

Frenemy of the State #1 (Oni Press)
Written by Nunzio DeFilippis, Rashida Jones, Christina Weir, Art by Jeff Wamester

Marvel Heartbreakers (Marvel Comics)
Written by Kathryn Immonen, Rick Spears, Jim McCann, Karl Bollers; Art by Lara West, James Callahan, David Lopez, Harvey Montecillo Tolibao

Black Widow #2 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Marjorie Liu; Art by Daniel Acuña

Biomega (Ehapa Verlag)
Written and drawn by Tsutomu Nihei

Short-Stack: Tales of a Superhuman Plumber #1 (Paper Dream Productions)
Written by Jay Sternitzky; Art by Drew Sternitzky

Owly (Top Shelf)
Written and drawn by Andy Runton

Lilly the Valley (Zuda Comics)
Written and Drawn by Adam Atherton

Siege #4 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales

World War Hulks TPB (Marvel Comics)
Written by Greg Pak; Art by John Romita Jr.

Sentry: Fallen Sun (Marvel Comics)
Written by Paul Jenkins; Art by Tom Raney, Scott Hanna

Trivia Contest: Invincible Iron Man #1 & 2 signed by Matt Fraction

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