Fatale: Death Chases Me

fatale1Summer is over and All Hallow’s eve is around the corner lets start talking about some good books to get us in the mood for some good old fashioned pagan tree worship that will help us ward off harmful spirits, fairies, ghosts, ghouls and recently deceased godfather’s. If we are really going to be honest we’re all just hoping we get to see a bunch of chicks dressed in really slutty costumes and eat a metric butt-ton of candy.

I’ve got an an even better idea, lets come up with our own comic. We all love crime lets start out with that. Let’s just for fun toss in the Occult, Lovecraft horror, nazi killing detectives and just to make things spicy lets add in a knockout seemingly immortal bombshell of a woman who can make men fall in love with her instantly. Sounds fucking awesome right? Well you’re too late Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips already did that book and its bloody amazing and I’m here to tell you why.

fatale4Fatale is one of those books thats so hard to read in single issues and lucky for you this book is over a year old now and all the issues are finally out and collected in trade! So you won’t have to suffer like some of us did waiting for this book month to month. Which is a glorious thing. So yes you’re a little late to the party here but it’s a hell of a party and you don’t want to miss out (I mean there a chicks dressed really slutty at this party you should be there).

So here’s the basic outline Nicolas Lash is at the funeral of the reclusive enigma author Dominic Raines his godfather when he meets Jo. Jo tells him of her grandmother and Dominic’s undying love for one another. Nicolas is immediately stunned by her and finds himself unable to even move from the spot after only a few words from her. He later returns to his godfathers estate and finds an unpublished manuscript dated before any of his other work was even published. He is then attacked, saved by jo and nearly driven off a cliff by her and ends up losing his leg in the hospital with vague memory of Jo saving him and putting the manuscript back in his hands. Nicolas then gets then gets the chance to read the manuscript. Inside it is a photo of his godfather Dominic and woman who looks amazingly like Jo.

fatale3That’s just the first ten pages and only one of the six or seven perfectly interwoven stories that are involved in Fatale. I honestly don’t want to share anything more than that suffice it to say it gets messed up pretty damn quickly. Nazi-Cult killing detectives, ritual occult sacrifices, the mafia and marital infidelity are all in the next ten pages and it only gets better and better. It’s crime written so well it will make you wish for a movie but secretly hope it never gets made or the book is heard of by anyone but you. Brubaker masterfully steers you the reader in nine different directions all at once without making it feel difficult or forced. The way he ties things together is so brilliant there is really no other term to describe it other than epic. Some of my favorite comics of all times are Brubaker comics for this reason. I used to really think Frank Miller was the champion of the crime boner but he’s been dethroned a long time ago now and Brubaker is king.

Sean Phillips art is the perfect fit for such a tale as well every panel is a wonderful treat to behold. Dave Stewart’s does the colors on these books and it has to be said that his pallete is such a wonderful companion to the whole series not too bright very drab and evocotive the pages give you the creepies the shock and the intensity of an expertly crafted film and without any motion this is why comics are so great and the story your head reading this book is perfectly in sync with the one being shown to you by these masters of their craft. I’ve heard a few people in the past complain about Phillips style but the work he does with just a few lines where others would use seven just goes to show how spectacular and gifted he really is.

All in all this is one of those books I’m not just casually recommending as a good read. This is a title I’m claiming you need to own. This book is one you HAVE to have on your shelf and should truly consider as a book you should give to a friend who is interested in comics but thinks all comics are just about garfield or scooby doo. This book will knock that person’s dick in the dirt. I really think you’ll be doing yourself and that dude with the dirty dick a huge favor by going out and putting this one in your collection. You should do it soon so you’re just in time to start collecting the single issues of the same team’s upcoming book Velvet!

- John Powell
Fatale: Death Chases Me
Image Comics
Writer: EdBrubaker
Art: Sean Phillips
$14.99 ($3.50/issue)


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