Episode #260 – Marvelistic

Episode #260- Marvelistic

Episode #260 – Marvelistic

Fight for Comics is the number one podcast amongst 80-110 year olds! The Greatest Comic Podcast for the Greatest Generation! Now LET’S GETTING READY TO (Marvel) RUMBLE!

Books Reviewed:

09:36 – Death of Wolverine #3 (Marvel)
W: Charles Soule A: Steve McNiven I: Jay Leisten

26:31 – Gotham Academy #1 (DC)
W: Becky Cloonan & Brandon Fletcher A: Karl Kerschl C: Geyser, Dave McCaig

33:10 – Edge of Spiderverse #4 (Marvel)
W: Clay Mcleod Chapman A: Elia Bonetti C: Veronica Gandini

41:41 – Thor #1 (Marvel)
W: Jason Aaron A: Russell Dauterman

50:24 – Captain America #25 (Marvel)
W: Rick Remender A: Carlos Pacheco C: Dean White

1:02:00 – Uncanny Avengers #25 (Marvel)
W: Rick Remender A: Daniel Acuna

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Episode #260 – Marvelistic

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