Episode #261 – Marvel’s Axis Event

Episode #261 - Marvel’s Axis Event

Episode #261 – Marvel’s Axis Event

Marvel’s first event in over a week is discussed along with Scott Snyder’s domination and mastery of all things comics. Also the Warriors get EXTREME with Teen Dog, Birthright, Scooby Doo, and take a licking and keep on ticking with Pictures that Tick 2! Ah-Ooga!

Books Reviewed:

16:25 – Batman #35 (DC)
W: Scott Snyder A: Greg Capullo I: Danny Miki

34:02- – Wytches #1 (Image)
W: Scott Snyder A: Jock

59:12 – Avengers and X-men AXIS #1 (Marvel)
W: Rick Remender A: Adam Kubert C: Laura Martin

1:22:45 – Teen Dog #2 (Boom Box)
W/A: Jake Lawrence

1:25:56 – Birthright #1 (Image)
W: Joshua Williamson A: Andrei Bressan

1:31:48 – Scooby Doo, Where are you? #50 (DC)
W: Dan Abnett A: Scott Jeralds C:Candace Schinzler- Bell

1:33:07 – Pictures that tick 2 (Dark Horse)
W/A: Dave McKean

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Episode #261 – Marvel’s Axis Event

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  1. The mp3 page is broken. not all the shows are posting. Please help! Not all of us use iTunes.

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