Episode #280 – Archie vs Predator


Episode #280 – Archie vs. Predator Three shocking deaths at Marvel, a shocking defecation at DC, and a shocking showdown in the Archieverse! Hold on to your hats! Books Reviewed: 8:14 All New Captain America #5 (Marvel Comics) Written by Rick Remender; Art by Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger; … Continue reading

Episode #260 – Marvelistic


Episode #260 – Marvelistic Fight for Comics is the number one podcast amongst 80-110 year olds! The Greatest Comic Podcast for the Greatest Generation! Now LET’S GETTING READY TO (Marvel) RUMBLE! Books Reviewed: 09:36 – Death of Wolverine #3 (Marvel) W: Charles Soule A: Steve McNiven I: Jay Leisten 26:31 … Continue reading

Episode #229 – Mandroid

John Travolta Month winds down to a glorious end as the Wednesday Warriors review James Robinson’s Fantastic Four and more. Continue reading