Episode #288 – Where the Monsters Dwell

monsters dwell

Episode #288 – Where the Monsters Dwell Jonas and Bryton keep on riding the Battleworld train. Garth Ennis? Writing a book about dinosaurs? Do we love it? Tune in to find out! Books Reviewed 6:11 – Planet Hulk #1 and #2 (Marvel) 12:01 – Where Monsters Dwell #1 and #2 … Continue reading

Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge


Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge The Wednesday Warriors 10-year plan is finally complete: we’re going to steal your comics while you’re in the shower! A few comics are unenthusiastically discussed before a dip into the wayback machine to talk about a classic Daredevil storyline. Books Reviewed: 3:42 Uncle Scrooge #1 (IDW Publishing) … Continue reading