Episode #296 – Farewell Daredevil


Episode #296 – Farewell Daredevil It’s the final stretch for ol’ Fight For Comics, so we say goodbye to ol’ Hornhead with the final issue of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s (and Marcos Martin’s and Paolo Rivera’s) Daredevil. That kicks off some comic reviews and a lot of trips down … Continue reading

Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge


Episode #281 – Uncle Scrooge The Wednesday Warriors 10-year plan is finally complete: we’re going to steal your comics while you’re in the shower! A few comics are unenthusiastically discussed before a dip into the wayback machine to talk about a classic Daredevil storyline. Books Reviewed: 3:42 Uncle Scrooge #1 (IDW Publishing) … Continue reading