Episode # 263 – Halloween Countdown


Episode # 263 – Halloween Countdown The Wednesday Warriors get ready for Halloween with their latest comic book reads. Books Reviewed: 20:11 – Constantine / Hellblazer #1 (DC) W: Jeff Lemire / Jamie Delano A: Ray Fawkes / John Ridgway C: Marcelo Maiolo / Lovern Kindzierski 24:09 – The Names … Continue reading

Episode #262 – Death of Wolverine Finale / Days of Future Past

Death of Wolverine Finale

Episode #262 – Death of Wolverine Finale / Days of Future Past The Warriors learn that time is a flat circle after mourning the death of Wolverine when the past comes crashing forward with the return of Time Machine: Days of Future Past. Books Reviewed: 03:02 – Avengers and Xmen … Continue reading

Episode #260 – Marvelistic


Episode #260 – Marvelistic Fight for Comics is the number one podcast amongst 80-110 year olds! The Greatest Comic Podcast for the Greatest Generation! Now LET’S GETTING READY TO (Marvel) RUMBLE! Books Reviewed: 09:36 – Death of Wolverine #3 (Marvel) W: Charles Soule A: Steve McNiven I: Jay Leisten 26:31 … Continue reading

Episode #257 – Death of Wolverine

Fight for Comics #257 - Death of Wolverine

The crew is back together for the first time since Salt Lake Comic Con. They share a few of their favorite stories, discuss the Death of Wolverine as well as the Finale’ of Original Sin, and Sean L and Bryton learn the difference between Protoss and Zerg. Continue reading