Episode #258 – The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

Fight for Comics Episode 258 - The Green Monk with Brandon Dayton

Brandon Dayton stops by Fight for Comics Tower to give us the latest Green Monk news and talks about a new way to fund comics through Patreon. Brandon also talks about working on the game Marvel Infinity 2.0 and a manga comic he is reading called Onepunch-Man. Continue reading

Episode #30 – Green Monk

We’re especially lucky this week to have special guest artist and creator Brandon Dayton of the indie comic Green Monk in the Warriors Den (TM) to chat about his process and the ins-an-outs of publishing your own ideas. You really don’t want to miss out on this episode. Check out … Continue reading

Episode #28 – Let’s Talk Comic Shop

Join us as we discuss our favorite comic shops and the things we love and hate about the stores we patronize. Books Reviewed: Invincible presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1 (Image Comics) Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Nate Bellegarde, Bill Crabtree Sweet Tooth #3 (Vertigo) Written and drawn … Continue reading