Episode #52 – The Heroic Age

Sean Black reviews DC’s 52 for episode 52 in just 52 seconds!  Zounds and astonishment abound! Wonders never cease here! Join us as we chat about comics on a heroic scale as we look at the new heroic books released this week. Books Reviewed: 52 (DC Comics) Written by Geoff … Continue reading

Episode #51 – Iron Man as Well

Warriors are back on the town cruising for a bruising and they’re packing an awesome guest star, Vanessa Luna. She brings a couple of great picks to the table and we all get chatty about what we thought of Iron Man 2. Did it live up to the first one? … Continue reading

Episode #33 – The dark side of comics

After a quick discussion on what is or isn’t a graphic novel and what format it actually fits in we get right into our picks and discuss the dirty closet of pornography in comics. Mr. Black takes a beating for the team and goes into our local comic book shop … Continue reading

Episode #16 – Irredeemable Spotlight

The Warriors spotlight Mark Waid’s new series from Boom Studios, Irredeemable. Books Reviewed: The Walking Dead #64 (Image Comics) Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn The Invincible Iron Man #16 (Marvel Comics) Written by Matt Fraction; Art by Salvador Larroca Red Robin #1 (DC Comics) Written … Continue reading