Episode #29 – Superman, Love Him or Hate Him

Whether you love Superman or hate him, it’s hard not give the Man of Steel his due. The comic industry wouldn’t be where it was if it were not for the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster creation. We discuss his “boring” reputation and the reasons to follow the Superman franchise. … Continue reading

Episode #28 – Let’s Talk Comic Shop

Join us as we discuss our favorite comic shops and the things we love and hate about the stores we patronize. Books Reviewed: Invincible presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1 (Image Comics) Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Nate Bellegarde, Bill Crabtree Sweet Tooth #3 (Vertigo) Written and drawn … Continue reading

Episode #10 – Invincible Spotlight

In this exciting episode the Warriors discuss the amazing superhero series Invincible. Mr. Black is out in London for this episode and we stick it to him by reviewing his favorite ongoing series. Books Reviewed: Power Up Graphic Novel (Image Comics) Written and drawn by Doug Tennapel Impaler #1 (Top … Continue reading