Episode #28 – Let’s Talk Comic Shop

Join us as we discuss our favorite comic shops and the things we love and hate about the stores we patronize. Books Reviewed: Invincible presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1 (Image Comics) Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Nate Bellegarde, Bill Crabtree Sweet Tooth #3 (Vertigo) Written and drawn … Continue reading

Episode #26 – Dropped

Well, I’ll be damned. It’s episode 26 and guess who is back? Trevor Rimmasch joins us for another episode of Trevor’s Tyrade. What bargain basement comics has Trevor found for the mere cost of a quarter for our listening enjoyment? Books Reviewed: Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 (Image Comics) Written by … Continue reading

Episode #21 – Comic Book Censorship

Look Ma! We’re finally legal! The DRUNK episode! Featuring absolutely no alcohol whatsoever, because we talk about censorship in comics and, of course, the consumption of alcohol wouldn’t be allowed, so we follow suit. Books Reviewed: Kick-Ass #7 (Icon) Written by Mark Millar; Art by John Romita Jr. Locke & … Continue reading