Episode #290 – Godzilla in Hell


Episode #290 – Godzilla in Hell Finally, the Warriors discuss the command structure of the rebel alliance and Godzilla’s lapsed Catholicism. They also review some non-Secret War related comics and say farewell to the long, strange, beautiful trip that was Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. Books Reviewed 5:13 – Lando #1 … Continue reading

Episode #257 – Death of Wolverine

Fight for Comics #257 - Death of Wolverine

The crew is back together for the first time since Salt Lake Comic Con. They share a few of their favorite stories, discuss the Death of Wolverine as well as the Finale’ of Original Sin, and Sean L and Bryton learn the difference between Protoss and Zerg. Continue reading

Episode #208 – Battle of the Infinite

A little gem called Renna Rouge is discovered and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is much fun. Plus, Infinity, Battle of the Atom, Joker’s Daughter and more. Continue reading