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Episode #33 – The dark side of comics

Posted on 06 January 2010 by admin

After a quick discussion on what is or isn’t a graphic novel and what format it actually fits in we get right into our picks and discuss the dirty closet of pornography in comics. Mr. Black takes a beating for the team and goes into our local comic book shop and buys a copy of Comic AG #108 for the team to review. We also discuss Image United and the utter flop it’s turning into so far. Emotional rape happens on so many levels we have a hard time determining what’s worse.

Books Reviewed:

Punisher MAX #2 (MAX)
Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Steve Dillon

Jonah Hex #50 (DC Comics)
Written by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti; Art by Darwyn Cooke

Invincible Iron Man #20 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Matt Fraction; Art by Salvador Larroca

Stumptown #1 (Oni Press)
Written by Greg Rucka; Art by Mattew Southworth, Lee Loughridge

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