Episode #27 – General Comic Discussion

Since Mr. Black was out of commission for a few weeks and so many great titles are coming out, we felt we had to try to catch up and talk about some of our favorites that haven’t made it into the podcast lately, (and quite a few that have that … Continue reading

Episode #22 – General Comic Book Discussions

Whoop! This one’s a dozy folks. We just came off a late night bender from previewing Zombieland. Wow. It’s well worth the price of admission. In fact, since we saw it for free, now we will have to go see it seven more times. Sean Leslie’s already seen it thrice. … Continue reading

Episode #10 – Invincible Spotlight

In this exciting episode the Warriors discuss the amazing superhero series Invincible. Mr. Black is out in London for this episode and we stick it to him by reviewing his favorite ongoing series. Books Reviewed: Power Up Graphic Novel (Image Comics) Written and drawn by Doug Tennapel Impaler #1 (Top … Continue reading