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Episode #213 – Thorgasm Too

Posted on 13 November 2013 by admin

Fight for Comics #213 - Thorgasm Too

Episode #213 – Thorgasm Too

Thor: The Dark World is reviewed as well as the latest Netflix news.

08:06 - Netflix

18:50 - Arrow

31:20 - Walking Dead

38:14 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Books reviewed include:

43:30 - Ash and the Army of Darkness #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Written by Steve Niles; Art by Dennis Calero

49:13 - Hellboy: The Midnight Circus (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Mike Mignola; Art by Duncan Fergredo

55:50 - Alex + Ada #1 (Image Comics)

Written by Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn; Art by Jonathan Luna

1:06:50 - Last West #1 (Alterna Comics)

Written by Evan Young, Lou Iovino; Art by Novo Malgapo

1:13:38 - Forever Evil #3 (DC Comics)

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by David Finch, Richard Friend

1:22:32 - Thor: The Dark World

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Episode #213 – Thorgasm Too

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Episode #207 – Bryce Carlson Interview

Posted on 25 September 2013 by admin

Episode #207 - Bryce Carlson Interview

Episode #207 – Bryce Carlson Interview

This week the Wednesday Warriors interview Bryce Carlson, writer of the new hot noir book Hit from Boom! Studios. They also review the latest new books and trades and talk about Sean Leslie’s find of the year in the quarter bin.

Books reviewed include:

0:16:30 - Inhumans (Marvel)

Written by Paul Jenkins; Art by Jae Lee

21:16 - Thor Omnibus Vol. 2 (Marvel)

Written by Stan Lee; art by Jack Kirby

0:24:12 - Buzzkill #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Donny Cates, Mark Reznicek; Art by Geoff Shaw

28:33 - The Bounce #5 (Image Comics)

Written by Joe Casey; Art by David Messina

37:06 - Brain Boy #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Fred Van Lente; Art by RB Silva

43:08 - Bryce Carlson Interview

Hit #1 (Boom! Studios)

Written by Bryce Carlson; Art by Vanesa Del Rey; Colors by Archie Van Buren
Los Angeles. 1955.While infamous gangster Mickey Cohen rots in a prison cell, LAPD detectives moonlight as sanctioned hit-men.

1:12:48 - Shame on You!

Download the episode now:

Episode #207 – Bryce Carlson Interview

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Episode #191 – Ketchupin with Sean

Posted on 15 May 2013 by admin

Fight for Comics Episode 191 – Ketchupin with Sean

After a two week absence, Sean Leslie returns with reports of nearly hulking out at a concert. Sean Black gets a new Thor sized tattoo in a rather sensitize area. The Wednesday Warriors get to the bottom those strange water sounds in the microphone and Sean L. gives his picks from the Best of FCBD and part 2 of the Iron Man 3 movie review finale.

04:42 - Searching for Sugar Man Concert

22:22 - Sean Black’s Tattoo

24:51 - Arrow

41:05 - Free Comic Book Day – Sean L.’s Take

1:10:14 - Iron Man 3 Movie Review Part 2

1:26:15 - Shame on You

Download the episode now:

Episode #191 – FFC 191 – Ketchupin with Sean

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Episode #187 – Still FFC

Posted on 17 April 2013 by admin

Fight for Comics Episode 187 - Still FFC

After Sean Black swore to never read another issue of Age of Ultron last week, he is back in full force this week to review…Age of Ultron! Find out what made Sean B. change his mind. Also hear what Sean L. thinks about the indie relaunch of Drew Hayes Poison Elves. Jonas and Bryton also give each other high five. All this and more in another titillating episode of Fight for Comics.

Books reviewed include:

16:38 - Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law #1 (Blind Ferret)

Written by Joe Abercrombie, Chuck Dixon; Art by Andie Tong

21:13 - Age of Ultron #5 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Bryan Hitch

35:47 - Drew Hayes’ Poison Elves #1 (Ape Entertainment)

Written by Robb Horan, Keith Davidsen; Art by Montos, Shannon Ritchie

43:53 - Theramin #1 (Monkeybrain Comics)

Written by Curt Pires; Art by Dalton Rose

48:10 - Thor God of Thunder #7 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Esad Ribic

52:51 - Uncanny Avengers #6 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Rick Remender; Art by Daniel Acuña

01:07:25 - Constantine #2 (DC Comics)

Written by Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes; Art by Renato Guedes

01:13:14 - Batman and Red Wing #19 (DC Comics)

Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Pat Gleason, Mick Gray

01:27:59 - JSA: The Whistling Skull #1 (DC Comics)

Written by B. Clay Moore; Art by Tony Harris

01:29:47 - Corrections, Questions & Confrontations

Download the episode now:

Episode #187 – Still FFC

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Episode #168 – Look Whose Marveling Now

Posted on 21 November 2012 by admin

Look Whose Marveling Now

The Wednesday Warriors dive head first into more Marvel Now titles rather than waiting for later. Which new Marvel books should be on everyone’s pull list? Listen and find out.

Books reviewed include:

Arrow S1:E6 (CW)

Walking Dead S3:E6 (AMC)

Batman #14 (DC Comics)

Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Greg Capullo

X-Men Legacy #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Simon Spurrier; Art By Tan Eng Huat

47 Ronin #1 (Dark Horse)

Written by Mike Richardson; Art by Stan Sakai

Thor: God of Thunder #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Esad Ribic

Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Matt Fraction; Art by Mark Bagley

Come Back #1 (Image Comics)

Written by Ed Brisson; Art by Michael Walsh

All-New X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Brian Michael Bends; Art by Stuart Immonen

Fight for Comics Trivia:
Usagi Yojimbo #114-143 with most of them signed by writer/artist Stan Sakai.

Download the episode now:

Episode #168 – Look Whose Marveling Now

iTunes MP3

Discuss this episode on our forum at lets.fightforcomics.com!

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Avenger Assemble #1

Posted on 20 March 2012 by Josh

Avengers Assemble 1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Danny Miki
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99


I understand the reason for existence of Avengers Assemble.  After all, the Avengers movie is going to be the biggest superhero movie of the year so why not launch a new book to try and get some more interest in the Avengers and possibly pull in some new readers? You can maximize their exposure by having  it be the same roster that will show up in the feature film. Sadly, I cannot believe that with such a big launch, it’s a sub-par effort right out of the gate.

Brian Bendis has had the reigns of the Avengers franchise for some time now. Currently, he’s working on 3 Avengers titles and I guess that when you’ve probably written all you can about these characters, you have some duds here and there. This issue is exactly that. A book that doesn’t make a lot of sense and has some of the most uninteresting villains featured in the Zodiac, which is a group of 12 made up of each of the symbols of the zodiac. Thankfully, the one good thing is that it’s 12 superhumans and not just 12 guys in costumes for their sign. With a book that is clearly based on the soon to be summer blockbuster, why not go with something a bit more recognizable. The involvement of the Hulk seems to not fit with what is going on in Jason Aaron’s Hulk title. Are we working with dumb brute Hulk? That certainly doesn’t match what Aaron is doing with the Hulk. It’s the little inconsistencies like that which take the fun out of books like this.

The art is by Mark Bagley, who has worked with Brian Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man. If you are a fan of his art, then it’s the same thing as with any other book. Bagley’s art is a good match for the action of the story.  His art doesn’t really blow anyone away, but he’s consistent and his style is perfect for super heroes.

This book does seem more in the all-ages vein. While I do like the darker tones of the more sophisticated material, it’s good that there’s material like this too. Marvel has struggled to keep an all-ages line that has seen various reboots over the years. This is a title in the current Marvel continuity and it’s a good title for younger kids to pick up. One can hope that the story works out a bit better in the next issue because the first issue isn’t anything spectacular and certainly not up to par with some of the other Avengers stories that Bendis has written.

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