Episode #216 – Remender, Remender the 4th of Decender

The Warriors welcome winter with a blizzard of reviews about TV and comics. Rick Remender’s continued dominance of medium, along with new and indie comic reviews. Continue reading

Episode #215 – Thanksgiving Spectacular Amazo-Show (Spitesgiving)

Episode #215 – Spitesgiving Ah, the French! The Warriors prepare for Spitesgiving with fine French wine and hearts filled with hatred for the Holidays. Festive TV shows and Comics are reviewed with the gang split on the new Harley Quinn issue. Trust us, you’re going to love it, or hate … Continue reading

Episode #214 – Sean on Sean

It is time for the Sean’s Insanity Hour. Sean Leslie and Sean Black take the reigns while Jonas and Bryton are sleeping. Sean B. reviews the craziness that is Shaolin Cowboy and Sean L. gets nostalgic for X-Men. Continue reading

Episode #212 – Sandman Returns

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman returns. Samurai Jack also returns. There is much rejoicing. Continue reading