Episode #291 – Still Siegey

Episode #291 – Still Siegey Remember The Siege? Wasn’t The Siege great? Well The Siege is back! But not really. Let’s forget the whole thing and go on a cruise. Remember when we acted out The Siege? No? Check it out sometime. Maybe next week. Books Reviewed 11:13 – Wolf...

Episode #290 – Godzilla in Hell

Episode #290 – Godzilla in Hell Finally, the Warriors discuss the command structure of the rebel alliance and Godzilla’s lapsed Catholicism. They also review some non-Secret War related comics and say farewell to the long, strange, beautiful trip that was Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. Books Reviewed 5:13 – Lando #1...

Episode #289 – Archie’s Strange Fruit in 1872

Episode #289 – Archie’s Strange Fruit in 1872 The Guys are all back together and answer some questions about Secret wars before diving in to the main topic. Long awaited, Archie #1 written by Mark Waid with art by Fiona Staples has finally hit the stands. Does it please the...

Episode #288 – Where the Monsters Dwell

Episode #288 – Where the Monsters Dwell Jonas and Bryton keep on riding the Battleworld train. Garth Ennis? Writing a book about dinosaurs? Do we love it? Tune in to find out! Books Reviewed 6:11 – Planet Hulk #1 and #2 (Marvel) 12:01 – Where Monsters Dwell #1 and #2...

Episode #286 – Almost Sentient

Episode #286 – Almost Sentient Fight For Comics is an all-encompassing comic books review podcast covering subjects including but not limited to robots, old men, airboys, thors, motorcycle-ghosts, sex-ghosts, teen presidents, and bastards. Download the episode now: E-mail us at we@fightforcomics.com!

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